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A superhero rewatch podcast.

Oct 15, 2018

Pat and Sarah return to regular episodes with BATMAN RETURNS! Now featuring 50% more FIGHTING.


Topics covered: Charles Dickens’s ghost, aging properties of toxic waste, Blade Runner 2049 is bad, LET’S FIGHT, Penguin vs. Thanos, wow we really fight! dang!, Nathan Drake the Merry Murderer, Christopher Walken’s...

Oct 7, 2018

Pat and Sarah are back from summer vacation, and they’re ready to kickoff season 2! …But not yet. So this week it’s all about catching up, updates, and a whole reel of bloops for you to giggle at.


Talking points: what we did on our summer vacations, social media manager position available, logging in is hard,...

Jul 3, 2018

Pat & Sarah talk shit about Billy Campbell’s chin in THE ROCKETEER (1991) in the final episode of season one. Stay tuned for a special treat at the end.


Topics covered: going for the jugular, 8-year-old Alex, tonal consistency FTW, KiKi at the Witches’ Picnic, character actors are the stars, Terry O’Quinn!,...

Jun 25, 2018

Finally! Pat & Sarah talk about Captain America! No, not that one. Not the good one. It’s CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990) and boy, oh boy, is this a ROUGH ONE for our gal & Cap superfan, Sarah.


Talking points: attempted murder, fun-bad vs. bad-bad, Sarah Gorr: Fan Boy, President Ronny Cox, starring Ralphie from A...

Jun 19, 2018

Pat & Sarah get their first look at a Sam Raimi superhero flick with DARKMAN (1990) in this *very* special episode of Futility Belt.


Talking points: a very special episode, The Last Action Hero Show, the worst proposal, Sam Raimi: Post Modernist, homeless hero, knife boot vs. leg gun, Pat makes Darkman sound smart, is...